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A decent amount of attention to detail has been invested in this randomizer and so pesky parts of the original games are unlikely to show through. For example, a trainer’s random Pokemon will not suddenly use moves they were predefined to use in the original game – they will fully obey the movesets they have […]

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While Parallel Worlds is undoubtedly based on A Link to the Past, it plays and feels like an entirely different game. There’s a whole new plot, and the dungeons are so hard you’ll be left crying into your sandwich. Prophet’s Guile is a fan-made expansion to the original game, adding an extra storyline that follows […]

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Instead of having a basic starter like Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander like any other Pokemon hacks, you will get a Drowzee . Step 1 Head to the website of ROM Patcher JS. Click here to go to the site. Step 2 Click the Choose File on the ROM File section. Step 3 Choose the base game […]

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Download the Pokemon – White Version ROM now and enjoy playing this game on your computer or phone. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. No matter if you are a big fan of Pokémon, or if you want to try the mythical saga for […]

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What is clear is that it’s illegal for websites to be offering ROMs for the public to download, which is why such sites are frequently shut down. RetroArch 1.7.5 and later uses a JSON playlist format, although the backwards compatibilty remains for the deprecated “6-Line” playlist format. Finally, If those conditions are met but content […]

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This game is an interesting ROM hack of Pokémon Emerald but with some essential elements taken from Pokémon X and Y. The story may not be that fascinating, Exclusive. Pokemon ROM hacks are distributed in the file formats .ips,.ups for GBC and GBA, and xdelta for NDS. Also, download the Pokemon Light Platinum ROM file […]

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It’s actually fairly common on the GBA (just listen to Drill Dozer’s incredible soundtrack, or Minish Cap’s soundtrack). But even for games that seemingly entirely use the GBC sound hardware for music, they usually use the GBA sound hardware for percussion (e.g. Castlevania and Konami Krazy Racers). That’s exactly what they did with the GBA; […]

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There will be two separate folders found within the download. One will be named GPSP and the other is named GPSP%. Copy both of the folders into your GAME folder. 6) Copy both files back to where you copied the files from originally and run GPSP. I’ve tinkered with the sound settings in Virtual Boy […]

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We use Ads in all the download links, this allow us to maintain the site working as it is now. If you’re looking for a specific Gameboy Advance Roms game, our alphabetical sorting option is the quickest way to find it. Simply click “Alphabetical” in the sorting options above and all of our GBA games […]